You can turn to AMD Technology for technology solutions that meet your unique business needs.

We leverage our relationships with a variety of providers to help customers find the right solutions for their technology requirements.

Who We Are

We pride ourselves on creating long-lasting relationships with our customers. When they talk, we listen. When they have questions, we provide comprehensive answers. Our commitment to solving the specific business issues that affect our customers can’t be overstated.

Based in New England with additional locations in California and Colorado, AMD is a technology consulting agency that specializes in helping companies acquire and implement enterprise-grade communications and technology services. Since 2009, we’ve helped countless companies save millions of dollars in IT expenses. Employee-owned and operated, our team knows the nuts and bolts of the industry — after all, we’ve worked for the big guys, too.

What We Do

At AMD, our purpose is to provide our customers with niche and traditional technology solutions that best suit their varied needs. We start by learning where our customers currently stand. Through our consultation services, we partner our customers with leading suppliers offering the tools and services they need to succeed.

AMD works as a trusted advisor to bridge the gap between client and service provider. Customers can leverage AMD’s expertise and experience in the technology industry to find a solution that meets and exceeds their expectations. We take the hard work out of finding a reliable partner and, through our telecom expense management (TEM) and project management offerings, keep critical projects on-track and under budget.

We understand what it takes to be the best in a fiercely competitive industry. Our desire is to see our customers succeed beyond their expectations.

The Driving Forces Behind AMD

After several years of working in the telecom industry, Kyle Bowden founded AMD in August 2009 with a specific goal — to serve customers, helping find technology solutions which addressed their unique business needs – rather than the needs of the carrier. Bowden leverages nine years of experience with competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) and two years with a major global carrier to bring his unique expertise and perspective to clients.  In his spare time, Bowden enjoys spending time with his wife and three children ‘summering’ in Maine exploring the bold coast boating, fishing and searching for marine wildlife.  He also enjoys downhill skiing as a family, hunting with his kid’s as well as camping and playing with his three Labrador Retrievers (yellow, black and chocolate).  Bowden leads the organization as a steward of his lord and savior, Jesus Christ.  Bowden is also a member of the C12 Group (Seacoast NH), the nations largest network of Christian CEO’s, business owners and executives.

Daniel Erickson is the current Senior Vice President of Operations at AMD. Prior to joining AMD, Erickson served in various capacities in the financial services industry. Erickson’s experience in business analysis, business development and project management is instrumental to AMD’s continued successes.